Sabi ni Pastor Bong; “may paksiw pa sa ref!”

joke lang! hindi talaga si Pastor Bong ang nagsabi nyan,
sabi yan ng isip ko habang nagbabyahe at pinakikinggan ang preaching nya about financial success.

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…and so i got so interested in gardening.

i liked the idea of growing your own food. It started with onions & garlic to lettuce and then i had strawberry, then rosemary and tomatoes.

gardening had its ups and downs. Its up when the plants are growing, down when its dying … and then you moved on and plant again, and then its up again and down … and so on.

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Berry is the name of my strawberry plant. It was given to me by Teacher May, a grade school teacher at Balucas Elementary School in Benguet. Messiah College was doing a mission week at that place and i went with them.

I got really interested with gardening since December of 2017, and when i went to Benguet, i found their land cultivation fit for planting almost all kinds of plant. As i marveled at how great the garden is at the school, Teacher May took time to talk to me about her plants. Later the day, she gave me a strawberry plant and told me to just try to make it grow in the city.

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Posted: November 29, 2017 in daughter of the King
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“the host have done their best, but it isn’t enough. the wine has
run out at the wedding feast, but when Jesus steps in the
situation – everything changes. His word is enough to take our stone
jars and fill them with satisfying substance.” – C Tiegreen

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it’s more than just about getting up but the state of self after that.
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