it’s more than just about getting up but the state of self after that.
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Day 1 : driven there

Posted: January 19, 2017 in chillax

my mind is set to meet you there. I told myself, this time i will not miss it. There must be something, a reason why you flooded my thoughts in prayer.

I drove my way to you. I was scared. The roads are filled, and i feel so little – so fragile, so weak. 

I’m making quick pedals to reach you soon. The road is stony and hurting my core. 

When i was near, i look over and you’re not there. Is going here senseless? Was it just imagining? But i found you at my U-turn, its a good thing that i checked for sure. 

I made a quick buying so you’d be filled. You looked at me and said your thanks. I smiled and turned away. That was the first. I’ll see you on another day.

I sat on the bench the usual that i do,
and here he comes sitting with me too.

He looked so handsome, so prim and proper,
eloquent in his speech but why does his eyes hardly marvel?

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Trust and give the benefit of doubt.
Its far different from going to what you already know is a lie.
If they lie to you, if the motive is not good … then, they will be accountable to God.
– Pastor Bong

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Posted: April 22, 2016 in kid in me
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she started to walk up to the podium
she has a story to tell.
i was there when she recites her piece,
and ran-out of words because of nervousness.
heart poured out, tears from it fell.
a story to be told, hers should be heard.

she started to speak
and i was anxious to my core.
it was not because of myself, i recall.
i was afraid she’s gonna fall
or that she may lose a toll.
this must be it to have a sister,
someone close to your home.

i remembered days past on an event,
she loses her grip on an affectionate guilt.
it was not i that was ashamed,
and yet my heart deeply bled.
this must be it to be a sibling,
emotion follows and cling.

it was new to me from the start.
i have friends but never this rough.
there are seasons of laughs and nights of silence.
if there are no talks, that’s the longest hours.

they used my stuff and theirs was i,
it was never like this for me from time.
we lay our heads and the talking yet ended.
morning giggles wakes the hearing of the bended.
this must it be to have sisters,
a shared of separate closets.

I thank God that i had a taste
of how it is to have a sibling’s best.
in day to day that we teased,
is like summer ice cream treat.
i wish that moments could be confined
but i’ll just memorize it like a rhyme
might be a song that goes to an end
but the playlist still comprehend
and from time to time it will be played.