Adjustment of a “Morning Person”

Posted: February 18, 2017 in daughter of the King
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it’s more than just about getting up but the state of self after that.
we could be up but not awake, and that matters cause
it shows in our attitude and perspective of the day.

God dealt with my waking time late last year.
I’m finishing my Education Units and it’s scheduled every Saturday 8AM – which means i have to get up by five to leave by 6 to accommodate the 2-hour travel time. With that, to have my devotion/quiet time would mean to get up an hour early – 4AM is the time to beat.

Is that easy?
Nope!! Totally not!
especially with a non-morning person like me with a usual waking time of 8am.

And yet, I know myself, when i know that i want/love the things i would be doing, it will wake me up.
and going to school does.
and devotion/quiet time does.
It awakens me every early morning that it became my lifestyle even after the school semester ends.

What bothers me for the past months though is my sleeping time.
My waking time made a drastic adjustment, but my sleeping time remains the same – 11pm, 12mn and so on…
and i have been praying to God to help me with my schedule,
that i would want to sleep early but there are so many things that keeps me awake;
people, work, duties, social media etc.

Even with not enough sleep, i can still function in the morning – but not at best.
My body is weak, my attention not attentive, enery low, mind at par and emotional on a greater scale.

Then, this happen; God moves slowly but surely.

He impressed unto my heart a certain task to be done in the morning.
He impressed that to me a year ago but then i was not convinced enough to follow.
This year, i obeyed. The task is done every morning.
I go by 5:30 or 6:30 and is back after almost an hour.
The routine goes normal until we were told that we need to leave by 5:55AM on Saturday(today).

I have to be back before 5:55AM.
how can i do that?
quiet time for almost an hour
shower/preparation for half an hour
and going “to where i should be going” for almost an hour.

my mind goes crazy on how to fit the needs to be done with the given time. how?
I thought of not doing what God has impressed me to do, i have a valid reason by the way.
but in my heart, i can’t. i would be bothered.

I talked to a friend, and she told me about getting up by 3am – that’s what she does.
I immediately brushed off the idea. hello 3am??! it would be insane for me to do that.
but why? my mind asked. First i have been abusing my body by lack of sleep, and here i will abuse
it for an hour less, i can’t. My body is close to rebelling full-time.
If I will be doing my quiet time on 3am, i know, i will not be getting anything anyway about what i’ll be reading
worst is my prayer time will surely be a snoozefest monologue.
I cannot get up by 3am, i should not!

But then, 3am haunts me.
Is there a way that for me to wake up by 3am, and not be sleepy and tired?
There is actually – sleep early!
There i have realized that the things i would be doing that early morning is not just
what i want or what i love, it is important to me.
so important that i am willing to cancel my social life and other things to do just so i could sleep.

If my body and mind does not agree with what i am resolved with,
i know i will not fall asleep – it will betray me.
but last night, i feel asleep by 7something and got up by 3am.
I did my quiet time, i was prepared when i leave for the morning task.
I enjoyed the journey while singing praises to God.
He even lets me see an airplane flew above me in bright lights against the dark morning sky.
I live near the airport, so this airplane encounter is really close.
It was awesome! and it happen thrice that morning!
yuhoooo! raining airplanes!! haha.

Does this means that this could be my daily pattern? Maybe.
But one thing i know, it convinced me.
The moment made me realize possibilities.
It made me think of what i am missing-out.
It made me think of what matters.
It made me make time,
make time for what is important.
make time if there is none.

I am just so blessed to have this moment with God.
I know for sure that He have this in mind for quiet a long time now.
The pieces fit perfectly.
My learnings with you, My Lord, is the best.


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