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“the host have done their best, but it isn’t enough. the wine has
run out at the wedding feast, but when Jesus steps in the
situation – everything changes. His word is enough to take our stone
jars and fill them with satisfying substance.” – C Tiegreen

June 2016
Caleb asked for Hebron

In my morning devotion, it was Caleb’s demand for Hebron that stirs
my heart to ask for something promised way back 2014. The previous
company where i worked for many years told me they’d support me in
my pursuit to study. They’ve paid for the first semester of my
education units that year but i wasn’t able to continue because of
so much things going on with the organization i’m now working with.

When Caleb asked for Hebron, my heart jumps as if prompting me to
do the same. I prayed for it, and there was deep sense in me to
send an email to my former boss, to remind her of the promised she
made. And then she answered; she said she’d help.

– in my heart, what on earth is this?
who am i, that an executive would reply to?

it was a strike in the air attempt that hits the mark.  It was not i who positioned the bow though neither the one who has the keen eye, the only participation i made is to release that arrow at the sound of His go!

and in two days, i was asked to come over to get what i asked for.

The Lord prompts me to fight, i fought, and He was there – ready to
hand me over the prize which He long wanted me to have.

That semester, i studied and finished the remaining units of Education course.

The road of studying while working is not easy but the Lord who led
me in that path is faithful. He supplied the provision not just
financially but wisdom and strength as well.

I get to do an online review for Licensure Examination for Teachers
(LET) since i don’t have enough time and resources to do a regular
one. The wide array of subjects and information overwhelms me, not
to mention the loads of work that shares with my limited mind space.

The Lord who started the fight fought with me from the review to
the exam, and most of all, to after the exam.

The period of waiting for the result is nerve wrecking. The Exam
was difficult, the margin of what i review versus what i do not
know is but a few strands – and i kid not, it really is. My mind is
already on negative but I praise the Lord that even in negativity, spark of hope still shines – that hope being God.

In my heart i know, i believe;

that the God whom i serve is real and true,
that the God i worship desires great things for me,
even beyond what i could imagine.
the God who started the fight will not lead me to defeat.

And then the result came out,
and I praised the Lord for i tasted and see again,
that He is good! He is good!

  1. joyshimmers says:

    AMAZING!! ✨❤️🙏

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