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it’s more than just about getting up but the state of self after that.


I sat on the bench the usual that i do,
and here he comes sitting with me too.

He looked so handsome, so prim and proper,
eloquent in his speech but why does his eyes hardly marvel?


Trust and give the benefit of doubt.
Its far different from going to what you already know is a lie.
If they lie to you, if the motive is not good … then, they will be accountable to God.
– Pastor Bong


040916, Saturday

Sidewalk Sunday School at Green Building
Brgy. 128 Zone 10, Balut Tondo


knock knock can I come?
What is your name? When was your time?
Should you be here? Was you with required?
I am me, don’t you know?
I just came in, and so and so
it was because and just with such
I might not have what should attached
don’t you remember? the standard is high
you are less what considered is fine
this is but a law for crime
tainted you are with none to aspire
knock knock can i come?
How are you? Did you just dine?
Must be tired from all the toil,
Come now in and lay the load.
But, I am me, don’t you know?
I did what those, and these, and that
dark are my hands and shoes are soaked
the clothes of my being are all in soiled
don’t you remember? I am your Grace
i know you are from that afar
and when you come, i did the run
don’t you cry. you’re home my child.