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Posted: April 22, 2016 in kid in me
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she started to walk up to the podium
she has a story to tell.
i was there when she recites her piece,
and ran-out of words because of nervousness.
heart poured out, tears from it fell.
a story to be told, hers should be heard.

she started to speak
and i was anxious to my core.
it was not because of myself, i recall.
i was afraid she’s gonna fall
or that she may lose a toll.
this must be it to have a sister,
someone close to your home.

i remembered days past on an event,
she loses her grip on an affectionate guilt.
it was not i that was ashamed,
and yet my heart deeply bled.
this must be it to be a sibling,
emotion follows and cling.

it was new to me from the start.
i have friends but never this rough.
there are seasons of laughs and nights of silence.
if there are no talks, that’s the longest hours.

they used my stuff and theirs was i,
it was never like this for me from time.
we lay our heads and the talking yet ended.
morning giggles wakes the hearing of the bended.
this must it be to have sisters,
a shared of separate closets.

I thank God that i had a taste
of how it is to have a sibling’s best.
in day to day that we teased,
is like summer ice cream treat.
i wish that moments could be confined
but i’ll just memorize it like a rhyme
might be a song that goes to an end
but the playlist still comprehend
and from time to time it will be played.


a twist with the sunlight

Posted: December 19, 2012 in kid in me
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tip-top, oops, sight on the ground,
shhh, keep quiet, not making a sound.

hop, gently, brush on the grass,
tickle the breeze to coolly whisper on mist.

jump, ohhh, like a falling dew,
sweep on the leaves like the shower rain do.

bend, kiss, all the falling leaves,
hop, laugh, twirling dress as the cricket sings.

pop, flat, right on the mark,
look, gasp, the dawn is breaking the sky apart.

glance, peek, hey! don’t hesitate,
wink on the clouds and peck on their cheeks.

flip, skip, light on my feet,
lead me on with the pounding beat.

sweet smile that’s all you are,
glide your hands, please hold me now.

play with me ‘til the sky goes grey,
wait, freeze, hold my hands when the moonlight comes

stay by my side, though i can’t see you now,
once, twice, when sun arise, you’ll say on again;

come on, let’s dance! ūüôā

The Zhang Family

Posted: August 3, 2012 in kid in me
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Dickson Zhang met P’cess Bee Tharmy Lee, daughter of an elite sim in the City of Alphs, in his first year in college. Dickson like Bee very much even though he knew her family tradition of arranged marriages set by her father.

Dickson deals with the risk of getting to know Bee more, Bee on the other hand starts to notice him. Bee is arranged to marry Bullet Curtin Han, son of her father’s best friend Mr Han. Bullet and Bee are in good terms as friends and are not seeing each other romantically. Once Bee confirmed that Bullet is courting Trista, she made moves in letting her father know her situation and persuaded him in agreeing to her relationship with Dickson. Mr Lee and Mr Han finally gave in to their¬†children’s wishes.

After college, Dickson and P’cess Bee were joined in a private ceremony. A year after, they were blessed to have a child, they named him Coyle Lee Zhang.

Coyle has his father’s family aspiration. Coyle’s look is more of his father, he got his brows, nose, lips and facial structure, the only feature his mother has on him are his eyes. Dickson binds his family together, he attended intently to his wife needs of fulfilling her popularity aspiration – gaining 20 bestfriends¬†simultaneously. Bee started a little flower shop in their home, Dickson assisted her after his work as a public school teacher.

Coyle met Meadow Thayer in high school and had instant attraction with her. He courted him and they went on steady through out their high school days.

The Crib – Sims 2 Style

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House of Lee

House of Han

House of Cox

House of Han 2

House of Han 2

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Bullet Han and Trista Collins Wedding

Bullet thought this would never happen since they broke up before their graduation day. Diane Wong, a notorious flirt in their dormitory tried to seduce Trista. ¬†Bullet witnessed the scene and flared up in rage ¬†instantly. ¬†The couple were separated for a time and then, Bullet gathered the courage to admit that he is at fault and calls Trista to apologize. ¬†Trista accepted Bullet’s sincere apology after a series of round-about.

Twins P’ce Drew and P’ce Earl Collins – Han


Bullet and Trista had their twins in the peak of their career. ¬†The two don’t want to take a time-out neither hire a nanny for their kids, they thought they could handle being the best in their work and family at the same time. One day, just before ¬†the kids turn teens and after a series of warning from the social worker’s desk. A car arrived in-front of their lot, a social worker paid a surprise visit and caught on hand that the Han parents were out in their respective jobs while the twins stayed home – unaccompanied by anyone. Immediately, the social worker took the kids away and left a notice to their parents that the decision is irrevocable – they can’t have their kids again or adopt them in future. ¬†This made the young couple devastated.

House of Han – 2