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Day 1 : driven there

Posted: January 19, 2017 in chillax

my mind is set to meet you there. I told myself, this time i will not miss it. There must be something, a reason why you flooded my thoughts in prayer.

I drove my way to you. I was scared. The roads are filled, and i feel so little – so fragile, so weak. 

I’m making quick pedals to reach you soon. The road is stony and hurting my core. 

When i was near, i look over and you’re not there. Is going here senseless? Was it just imagining? But i found you at my U-turn, its a good thing that i checked for sure. 

I made a quick buying so you’d be filled. You looked at me and said your thanks. I smiled and turned away. That was the first. I’ll see you on another day.


I saw the movie first before my cousin ushered her book for me to read. I have to say that the movie had my heart rather than the book which is not a normal thing. The ending of the story in the book is so not real to me rather than what they’ve done in the movie. Anyway, there are still lines in the book that caught me.


Posted: February 22, 2013 in chillax

Thank you for such a wonderful post. I love the thought of “God is able” and “if He does not” (still able though chooses to not intervene for reasons we cannot comprehend) we are not going to serve…” doubt, fear, worry, hopelessness or anything else that destroys faith, hope, joy and peace! …. and ♥. I am greatly encouraged. Will pray for your healing. God bless you 🙂

Unshakable Hope

After reading some of the comments from my last post (“More than just a Dream”), I’m afraid that I might have left the impression that my only hope (for physical healing) is in the next life. If I believed heaven was my only hope for healing, I probably would have checked out years ago. Waiting (for heaven) to be healed is merely my backup plan; it’s my Plan B. Whether it’s through medical science or a miracle from God, even after 16 years with ALS, I’m still hoping for the best outcome here on earth. This is what I believe for others too, regardless of the severity of their trial.

I realize how crazy it sounds for someone who has received a diagnosis of ALS to be hoping for a complete recovery. I’m not naïve; I’ve known so many good Christian people who have died of this and…

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Posted: January 30, 2013 in chillax

The post contains such empowering thoughts. 😀

Unshakable Hope

Do you ever feel like your regrets are haunting you like ghosts from your past?

I used to allow regrets over things I’ve said or wished I had said and things I’ve done or wish I had done, to steal my joy, peace and hope. I became so aggravated with these condemning “ghosts” of regret that I finally decided to figure out how to defeat them. The following “battle-plan” (for conquering regrets) has helped me and I hope it might help others dealing with this problem too.

Defining this enemy
Even though I knew what the word regret meant, I began by looking up the definition, which, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is: “sorrow aroused by circumstances beyond one’s control or power to repair: an expression of distressing emotion (as sorrow)” 

I also noticed that repent is one of the synonyms for the word regret. I suppose this makes…

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the gift of same page

Posted: January 23, 2013 in chillax
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Tell me something intelligent
and I will think
– think if it is true,
think of things related to this,
take note of most things that you said.

Tell me something straight from your heart
and I will feel it
– relate on your emotions,
realize my own,
put myself on your shoe and try to walk on.

But don’t forget to tell me something that will make me laugh,
I will think of it.
– picture the scenes of the story you told,
and jump on the idea that you’re trying to conclude.

Laughter brings me back to where I really am.
It cancels all my thoughts to give give way on yours,
It connects me to everyone who catches the source,
it makes me stay and agree on applause.

Laughter takes us on the same page, yes it does.
I fast flip the edges to find the words you just cast,
You capture all of me when I laugh,
funny, witty, everything is just brilliant.

truly, laughter makes me laugh – I mean, my heart.