i love you

allow me to say my words
for someone who is so close
for the one who cries with my pain
and laugh with my corniest joke

for someone who’s always with me
and carried me then in her belly
for the one who wakes up early
just to fix a milk for me

for someone who labors in pain
and worked hard to provide a living
for the one who made sure that I’m alright
she offered me her whole life

she who nags at me to do right night and day
she who first taught me how to read A B C
she led my hand and taught me how to write
she guided my feet and hold my hand so I can stand

and now that I’m walking on my own
my character Is built from what she had shown
for everything that I am today
I owe it for the one who gave birth to me

this poem is for someone
who happens to be my mom
you just can’t know how proud I am
that I’ll tell the world bout her every time

it’s mother’s day and here’s what I’ve got
words said might not be enough
Somewhere somehow I lacked
but I wrote it with my heart

and for you my mama, here’s my I love you
every word I said is true
in every lines my thought is on you
cause i wrote this poem just for you

  1. ice ice baby says:

    wow ganda naman happy mothers day to your mom

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