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it’s more than just about getting up but the state of self after that.


There is a weird notion with the word predictable.
It connotes something negative, dumb and boring.
It impresses lack of fun and mystery, and therefore it falls down to something exhausting.

But, there is something in the word “predictable” that should be sense in a good way.
Predictably a sense of security, trust, dependence, familiarity, comfort etc.

In handling kids, the word stretches a principle;

**Show up Predictably
– For most, that would mean weekly.
You cannot lead a small group without trust. You cannot build a community without trust.
And the first step of gaining the trust of your few is making sure that they know you will show up. Predictably.

Yes, they are kids – and yet, kids they may be, their time should still be respected.
They may not have an appointment and schedules that would be broken incase you don’t show up,
but they anticipated it – some are looking forward with much excitement for that day.
and when you don’t show up, it also makes them disappointed. They may not raise up their voices on you, or may not be able to remember it soon after, but in their little hearts there’s a question that arises “will there be next time?”, and if its repeated over and over, the excitement dies down slowly until they won’t expect for it anymore.

As a person, being a Christian
predictably means to abide.

Moodiness is selfishness,
a Christian should be predictably happy. – Pastor Peter

Predictably happy does not mean that we shouldn’t be seen in our fragile state.
It only means that we should, with all that we can, be still in whatever the circumstances that may arise.
It is also an attitude that you do not let yourself be swayed with varying emotions inside.
Predictably happy means that you are, at most, in the state of calmness and composure.
That when people comes to you, they will not be hindered by the notion of finding out first if you are “not in your mood” day.
Would it be better if people around are seeing us in consistency? As someone whom they can rely on at any given day or time?

Moodiness is selfishness. It demands adjustment from others.
It assumes the position of power and practices self-righteousness.
Moodiness can be controlled. Moodiness ruins down what you already built.

Let us ask God to help us be predictably Christ-like.


**Praises to God**