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Trust and give the benefit of doubt.
Its far different from going to what you already know is a lie.
If they lie to you, if the motive is not good … then, they will be accountable to God.
– Pastor Bong



What does Orange mean? I dunno.
was it the color? or the fruit?
was it the personality? or some kind of abbreviation that tells another thing? It’s hard to tell. Got no clues.
until this morning… (more…)

After tendering my resignation, trials came knocking left and right.
The fear of losing provision, as well as the uncertainty of what lies ahead drains me.

I got into that job weeks before I graduated college and technically is my first real job.
Every bill at home relies on my paycheck to get paid. My mom is no longer fit to work.
I asked myself, are you really sure of what you are doing? Should you be getting a new job firstĀ before leaving this one? What makes me decide to leave… That instant?


Dear Sponsor,

Hi! How are you now? It has been so long since I write you a letter, and I miss doing this. Before, when I was still studying and a part of sponsorship program, I wrote you thank you letters every now and then. I am sorry; I have forgotten to give you a letter of what happened to me next.


Just now i was once again beaten by carelessness. Bruised but not killed.
It may seem silly that for weeks now, I made a statement bout being careless which I know have hurted someone. I know my words will get back at me and deal with me, it often does. And now, it’s here, knocking on me as a write, proving that I am just as careless.

What happened earlier is an unlikely pair-up of complacency and foolishness.
I was told to not come to the edge but the madness of risk took over and got me. Indeed bravery is one part courage and three parts foolishness.

My mind is often fixed on what’s ahead. I often deal with almost everything at hand. As for me, these things should be used, if not now then when?
It could be a very productive way of thinking but it fails to save resource.

I manage to leave a slim margin of asset at hand thinking that every expense was noted and what’s left would suffice things just incase an error occur. Well, that’s not exactly what is on the ground. Ground says; okay, humility at play and there could be some error but it is very unlikely. I checked everything. I noted things. Calculated probability. Over-all, it’s safe.

Yes. Humility is at play on the area that says; I did everything I can but I am not sure of what to happen . But Humility is definitely out of sight in the area that says; I don’t know what will happen but it’s likely on the assumed margin of a “computed error”. Obedience is at play on the area of doing my best but it is not in the act on the area that says; do not go on the edge.

Things could go out-of-hand earlier. Good thing that the management told me of what’s happening and there we found ways to block possible withdrawals that could put the accound on negative.

Inner passion could drive motivation that will keep us going but passion without guidance is like fire on loose – it burns….everything!

Risk didn’t kill me but it also doesn’t make me stronger, it made me be reminded of favor and grace. Though I am foolish and stubborn, I am still loved and cared for, and so, here’s another lesson for me to ponder.

**Praise be to God**