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Trust and give the benefit of doubt.
Its far different from going to what you already know is a lie.
If they lie to you, if the motive is not good … then, they will be accountable to God.
– Pastor Bong



Around 8:30 this morning, I did my usual thing; occupy my seat, turn on the computer and get ready to work. My officemate is on her usual self too; she turns on the radio and comb her hair.

♪♪♫ Sometimes I get tired of this me-first attitude ♪♫
(Caught me) (what’s this song? ahh lost in space)

♪♫ I’d be lost in space without you ♪♫
(I thought of God) (Yes Lord, I’d really be lost in space without you)

Something hits me. I immediately searched for the lyrics , and … Behold it amazes me more. (more…)

Excerpts from Barney Lau’s testimony, former MD of Microsoft – Singapore.

Pstr. Edmund:  Barney have you every thought of serving the Lord full time?

Barney :               No.. No.. Never thought about it.

Pstr. Edmund:  Will you pray about it?

Barney :               Sure, I’ll pray about it.

(But in my heart: yeah right! I’m not gonna pray about it!.)

Pstr. Edmund:   Pray about it, and as you pray about it you will know. If the Lord leads you to come in full time, you’ll know, if the Lord says no, stay in the market place, you’ll know too. In any case you will have an answer from the Lord and you’ll know your calling.

When Pstr. Edmund asked me that, it is not just about the money. It is not about just the career. It is everything I held dear to, since i was a kid… all the stuff is too good.. too good to give up.

I have three offers, internally in Microsoft – to run a business, buy a business and to join the government – to pioneer a new government ministry. What attracted me most is the last one, to join the government. What’s most interesting about it is doing a job that will impact the nation of Singapore.

(Pstr. Edmund asked Barney again to pray about serving the Lord full time.)

When he asked me again…. this time I will pray. I will pray, and I did. And there, the Lord laid a heavy burden on me. I started crying. I prayed to the Lord. Lord, if you want me to serve you full time, close the doors, close the doors. And the Lord knew which door I was talking about. The Lord knew I was talking about the door of government invitation. Because in my heart, I’m not gonna close the door myself. I am not gonna tell the minister, i’m not coming in.

(2 days after his breakthrough weekend. He got a phone call from the guy who’s inviting him to join the government, and he said that he’s freeing Barney from their job agreement because he himself is leaving. The door was closed and Barney knew exactly what to do next, serve the Lord full time.)

The Lord is good, the Lord is no man’s debtor, and when the Lord calls you, it is a privileged it is not a job, not a sacrifice, it is an honor.


my life is a story and so is yours,
what will happen to us is not by our cause,
though we have the choice to choose what could be good,
I’d rather let His hand lead the led and show me He’s good.-

January 20, 2013, CCF 4:30 service

A believer is again out on his balcony – shouting praises to God, “Praise the Lord” he said. He’s used to do that every day. Soon, an atheist moved-in across the believer’s house. Upon hearing what the believer just shouted, Mr. Atheist responded with “Shut up, there is no God!”. The days passed by and both stand firm in their convictions. One cold day, Mr. Believer said to God “Lord, I am with no food. I can’t go out to buy, the weather is not good. But still, I praise you Lord.” and immediately Mr. Atheist responded his usual “Shut up! There is no God!”.

The following morning, Mr. Christian found a basket filled with grocery items on his balcony, he’s so happy seeing the answer to his prayer. He shouted his praise to God “Praise you Lord for answering my prayer!”. Mr. Atheist laugh out loud and mockingly said “I told you there is no God. That food you have there is from me!”. Mr. Believer smiled at him and continued on his praises to God. “Lord, thank you for the goods and thank you for letting the devil pay for my food!” 😀

hahaha! I praise God for the funny story shared by Pstr. Bong. It made me realize a lot.

It is so hilarious how the schemes of the devil ended up on a God-glorifying tone – in his pursuit to prove the indifference of God, he instead proves the reality Him.  With God, nothing is impossible – even the works of the devil can be led to something good.

At the jeepney, On my way home.

My mind is so filled of the sermon that I heard last Sunday; talking about the story produced by responding in faith. “Do not waste your pain” – I was again reminded. Everyone struggles, everyone has problems, everyone experienced pain but what differs a Christian from the rest is the God that back us up. By plugging ourselves to the source of power we are energized to stand firm in our faith. Yes, we are not the one to fight the battle. The fight we fight is the good fight of faith – I heard this from Pstr. Joseph Prince.

So, trials are for stories to encourage others who’s on trial. Isn’t that a cycle? A remedy for something to be remedied to be a remedy? More of a tongue twister to me. ha!

I soon thought of  “why does God allow the devil to cause pain on us, Christians?” My first answer is because He is gracious to give us this opportunity to experience Him. I thought my answer was good enough but sooner He impresses to me an answer of more value. He allows trials because He is confident that we will respond in faith. The thought lifts my spirit on high. God trusted me. He entrusted me a part of the story He’s writing because  He is confident that I will respond in faith.

January 23, 2012, D-Group night

I shared what I thought of to my D-group sisters. My D-Group leader said remember Job? God asked the devil
(Job 1:8 ) “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.”

Isn’t that good? God himself speaks of Job (us) in such a high regard. It is His confidence that you’ll stick with Him even in the midst of trials that makes Him allow the trials to test you.  The devil thought he’ll have you, he might have an ingredient of a story but he fails to wrap it up.

Job suffered a lot but he was redeemed, and today, his story encourages and blesses the souls of Christians around the globe – proving how a faithful response creates a beautiful story.

**Praises to God, my Father**