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I sat on the bench the usual that i do,
and here he comes sitting with me too.

He looked so handsome, so prim and proper,
eloquent in his speech but why does his eyes hardly marvel?



The led is substandard
The wood around is weak
This is such a waste of money
The kind I shouldn’t have take

I sat around complaining for everything the pencil’s wrong
But one blow of wisdom and then I was thrown.

To sharpen up the pencil there’s more than itself,
Nor the hand that is working in pointing the led.
Have you checked the sharpener? Are you sure it is sharp?
Look unto the shavings, it speaks of the blade – if it does have a sharp-razor edge.


Ask GOD for Wisdom

Posted: December 5, 2012 in daughter of the King
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It is one thing to be blessed and it is a blessing to enjoy it.

I made a deal with myself to attend the 4:30 service at CCF once a month. I like the worship service there and the ambiance, but what I liked most is Pastor Bong’s sermon. Is it a sin to have a favorite pastor? I guess not, because he makes me enjoy His words more. Pastor Bong speaks with much anointing and practicality, simple things that makes me say “honga nuh?” So, I like it when he start his sentence with “pagisipan nyo!” because I know something brilliant and funny is coming.

Intelligent words are good but to deliver it with wisdom is a gift from GOD.

Last Sunday, Dec 1, after hearing something that makes my heart sob, I decided to tune-in to the CCF’s Sunday telecast. Pastor Bong is in the middle of his sermon, holding a 50 and 500 bill, asking the crowd which of the bills holds more value – of course, the congregation shouts-out for the 500. He then revealed the currency of the bills, 50 Canadian dollar and 500 peso respectively, and again, asked the crowd which is more valuable? The congregation now shifts to 50 Canadian dollar. Why? Because 50, despite having a lesser nominal value than 500 is being backed up by a country with a higher currency/asset reserve. Pastor Bong is not lecturing about finance there, nor showing his excellence in trade, but instead pointing out than having a nominal deficiency is not an issue when you have a B1G back-up, and as Christians, no matter how little we are in status, in intelligence, physique, it doesn’t matter ’cause we have a B1G GOD to back us up.

-Wise words, isn’t it? Coming from a simple example. And, I am even more grateful because I heard this when I needed it the most. Indeed God is working in ways that is beyond normal.

One thing I’ve realized and now practicing is to learn to listen to people attentively. Every person has wisdom at a different level, and one should be keen enough to catch them.

Pastor Peter Tan-Chi

“Direction determines destination not intention”
-No matter how good your intention is, it will do you no good if your direction is incorrect. He cites going to Baguio as an example – no matter how much you want or intend to go to Baguio, you will not be able to reach it when you travel south instead of north.

Pastor Joseph Prince

“God is not the author of confusion. When He tells you something, He will surely tell the other person.”
-I am asking the Lord then if it is wise to move to a much closer church. He gave me His words but somehow I find it hard to reason with the head pastor. I heard this message and asked God to talk to him and He did.

“The bible is the Manufacturer’s manual. Just like a manual to a high-tech appliance, it is not there to restrict us but to maximize the use.”
-After hearing his podcast for the nth time, I finally heard this, I mean heard and understand.

Nayra (D-group sister)

“It is said that three things will last; faith hope and love. But somehow, we always hear messages about love and faith, and yet less about hope. Once there was a scientist who experimented on how long a mouse will be able to hang-on in an aquarium filled with water. It took 30mins before the mouse died. The scientist tried it again, this time he saved the mouse before he drowned. On his third try, using the mouse that he saved, the mouse continued on swimming for 7 long hours before he finally died.”

-I love how my sister narrates this, speaking in behalf of the mouse that was once saved , she says: “so ayun, swim swim sya, swim swim sya. Ganito din kahapon pero may nagsave sa kanya.” It struck me, that is how hope works, it lets you go beyond your normal rate. Unlike the scientist who let the hope of the poor mouse go in vain, I know that my hope is on the Right hand. So, like what Dory says in Finding Nemo “keep swimming”.

Jaime (Young-pro)

“Maybe it’s just your perception. Don’t you realize that a Salmon can live in both salt and fresh water?”

-I told him about how my big dream frustrates me, that it makes me feel like a fresh water fish that can’t go on a broader salt water sea. In my mind, I say, “Really? There is such a fish? Salmon can live in both?” haha. Suddenly,  I wanna be like Salmon.

Steph (D-group Sister)

“Caughting nothing sets up a stage for a miracle”
-See my blog post : A stage for a miracle

I know there are more wise words that I missed to include in this, I will blog them next time. Gathering these thoughts lifts up my spirit.

*praises for the King of Wisdom*